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Why I'm Running

I am running for the future of the Party and for the future of California.

Because we can do better.

Concerned Democrats reached out to me after this past election, where we lost four congressional seats to the Republicans, and I was asked if I would consider stepping up to lead the California Democratic Party, to inspire and grow our Party. They knew we can do better. There is great concern expressed that people have left the Democratic party, that we have allowed it to shrink to a handful of special interest groups. Many people do not feel the Party cares about them, or hears their concerns.  

After talking to people across the state, the response was very positive that, with me as Chair, we would be in a strong position to grow the Party and recoup our losses. To be clear, this is not a referendum on a single issue or person, but a call to arms that our Party needs an inclusive strategy to address these concerns and rally people to get engaged to build a better California Democratic Party

I know these are very difficult times for many Californians, and I commit to promoting policies that meet the needs of our most vulnerable residents and advance the dreams of all Californians. This pandemic has devastated our state, our nation, and the world. We must champion Medicare for all, housing, employment, education and other solutions for those impacted and provide real protections for our frontline workers.

The Democratic Party I want to lead will model inclusive leadership, transparent decision making, and a vision that builds our Party for a sustainable future. And did you know it has been 35 years since a woman led the California Democratic Party?

We will create a sense of teamwork and a shared mission. We will model compassion and caring. We will stand for what we say we stand for, and live our values every day.

I commit to building a Party where everyone has a voice, and where people feel heard and valued. When I am Party Chair, decision making and direction will always be democratic and transparent. Let’s put democracy back in the California Democratic Party.

Learn more about my goals here.