[audio] Delaine on KPCC's AirTalk with host Larry Mantle

Democrat Delaine Eastin is the only woman who's announced that she's vying for the gubernatorial seat.

But aside from that, Eastin is best known for her role as the former California superintendent of public instruction from 1995 to 2003. Since her departure from the role of superintendent, Eastin hasn't shied away from education. She's the chairwoman for the board of the nonprofit California school advocacy organization, Educate our State, and has publicly criticized lawmakers for not adding more preschool funding.

As reported by POLITICO, being out of office for more than a decade is just one challenge the Davis-based gubernatorial candidate and her team have been working to overcome. While education is a passion of Eastin's, she doesn't want to be seen as a one-issue candidate, and has been shedding light on her past transportation and environmental work as a former member of the state assembly. So what plans does Eastin have for California?

Listen to the show. (15 min)