A Legacy of Hate

The tragic murders in Atlanta yesterday are sad reminders of our imperfect union. With every passing day, the assault on our AAPI friends, family and neighbors continues to grow – but let’s be clear, this rot has long been a part of America’s abhorrent legacy of racism and anti-Asian attitudes. 

Certainly, Donald Trump added fuel to the long burn of discrimination by purposefully blaming China for COVID-19, but he is not alone. We have a legacy of hate and persecution that stains all American hands – including those in California. The  Anti-Coolie Act of 1862, passed by the California legislature, was one of the first major attacks on Chinese laborers. This same hostility led to the internment of people of Japanese descent during World War II.

Platitudes and condolences will not bring about the reckoning AAPI Americans deserve. We must make our words turn into deeds. Please remain vigilant and look out for our neighbors and loved ones, on our streets and online.   

I certainly hope Party leadership will include a moment of remembrance at our upcoming Convention to honor the lives lost over the past year to this senseless violence. 

I am heartbroken.