An important message from women leaders: Do What's Right

Sadly, as we close out Women's History Month, we are reminded of the many ways women were failed by our leaders who couldn't do what's right. As women lost their jobs and bore the disproportionate responsibility of caring for family and communities suffering the weight of a pandemic, unfortunately, we saw women lose political power, as well.

And on this, the last day of Women’s History Month, you should know it has been 36 years since the California Democratic Party elected a woman to lead. Yes, the year was 1985. For a Party that says it wants to be about “justice, equity and inclusion” our actions often say just the opposite. 

Anyone who has served in public office knows it is not easy. We are supporting Delaine because she has always been served by a simple philosophy: do what's right for all people, not just for people with power. Sometimes an advocacy group or political leader or our Party took her to task for breaking ranks. We know when progressive values and a righteous cause are are on the line, Delaine will defend our values. 

Character, imagination, independent thinking and the ability to follow through and deliver. Our Party needs leaders with those skills. Otherwise, Democrats won’t be in charge very long. That is why we are supporting Delaine Eastin.

Yes, she is the most qualified candidate. And it will say something significant to the rest of the country when the biggest, richest state in the union has a Party that is led by a former statewide office holder with a strong track record in serving our state. One who also has an inspiring message that we believe will resonate beyond California’s borders.

The California Democratic Party desperately needs leadership and Delaine is ready to provide it. She doesn’t just bring decades of experience as a public servant, and a true knowledge of how to get things done in Sacramento (after all, she spent 8 years as a state legislator and 8 as a state constitutional officer), she was also a successful manager and corporate planner in the private sector. And that is experience our Party needs at this juncture.

Vote for Delaine Eastin as our next Chair. Our Party and our people will always be her priority. And that means you will be her priority. Your voice, your ideas, your dreams and concerns.

Thank you,

Karriann Farrell HindsPresident, National Women’s Political Caucus California

Dezi Woods-JonesPresident, Black Women Organized for Political Action (BWOPA PAC)