How to Vote

ANY voter registered as a Democrat can vote in the January elections. The link to request a postage paid ballot for the January ADEM (Assembly delegate) election (who will then vote in the Chair election in April) is here. Please do so now. Write down your registration number.  Let us know you did so by emailing us at

The last day to request a ballot is January 11 (but please do so earlier :) ).

The election for Democratic Party Chair is voted on by delegates, and we the people get to elect 1/3 of them. Delegates are engaged community members who want a say in what the party stands for and how it is run. Elected officials also appoint delegates. Please let us know if you are a delegate or will be running for delegate and will be supporting Delaine by contacting us at Thank you!

It is CRITICAL for Delaine's supporters to request a ballot for the January election now, and for you to ask your friends to request a ballot, also (tell them to tell you that they did so you can follow up).

You will receive a postage paid ballot in the mail for the election, which will be held in January (the last day to have your ballot received and counted is January 27 so mail it early!). When we know which delegates are running (again, let us know if you are!) then we will let you know who to vote for.

Please also let us know that you requested a ballot, and we will follow up with advice on which delegates are supporting Delaine, and then you can tell your friends.