Be Heard

First, a reminder to all Democrats -- register to vote today for the upcoming ADEM elections here. Please forward your ballot confirmation email from the Party here. Thank you to all of you who have already requested a ballot for these elections.

This is the most important way right now to use your power and your voice to transform and revitalize the Party; the all mail-in election will be at the end of January, and we will have more information on that next month.

I pledge to build a better California Democratic Party that is organized from the grassroots up. I make this pledge intentionally after hearing countless stories of delegates, leaders and supporters who feel overridden or left out of decision making. 

We Can Do Better.

If we want to truly expand the Party and our impact, then we have to change the way we organize ourselves - and that starts with making sure everyone feels heard and has an opportunity to engage in a fulfilling way.

It Starts With You.

The upcoming delegate elections will help choose who gets to set the direction for our Party’s future, as well as who will have a vote in April on who leads the Party.  We need to make sure that the next cohort of delegates is made up of Delaine-supporting Democrats who have a passion to transform our Party, state and nation.

Remember -- register to vote today for the upcoming ADEM elections here. Please forward your ballot confirmation email from the Party to [email protected]

I am in it to win it. And I know together we will do just that. 

Thank you and stay safe my friends, 



Email 12/10/2020