Beloved Community

King called it “the beloved community” -- a society based on justice, equal opportunity and love of one's neighbor. 

Today starts a new chapter in America’s long and checkered history as we struggle to create a more perfect union. We have a difficult road ahead of us, but it is lit by the light of hope that our best days are still ahead. 

In 2020, we watched two diseases rip apart our nation: one attacked our immune systems and the other attacked our souls as it has since the first stain of slavery hit our shores 400 years ago. 

We will watch today as President Biden and Vice President Harris take their solemn oaths — and lead with integrity, love and truth.  I’m proud to have them represent our Party and our country at home and abroad. 

But they cannot rebuild this broken nation alone. They need you, me...all of us to use our collective strength to rise from the ashes of prejudice, cowardice and timidity and continue on this journey as we strive to create King’s aptly named beloved community.

Today, let us be filled with equal parts hope and determination as we take another step along this journey we call the American experience. 

Have a safe and joyous Inauguration Day. Celebrate and support our new President and Vice President and help them to take us on the path of truth and justice….the real American Way.

Most democratically yours,