Black Futures and an Endorsement

As we close out the celebration of Black History Month, it’s time to shift our attention to what is possible for the Movement for Black Lives, making sure our days are spent focusing on Black futures. Honoring the past is important, and so is creating programs and supporting legislation that help affirm, celebrate and defend Black lives. Under my leadership, there will be brighter days ahead for the Black and African American members within our state Party. 

I am so honored to have the endorsement of the Chair of the Black Caucus, Taisha Brown, who is committed to the advancement of Black Democratic leadership, across county central committees, and in the Legislature. As your next Chair, I will focus on uplifting the voices of underrepresented groups in creating a better California and a more inclusive California Democratic Party, and I am proud to have Taisha’s support:

“Delaine is a progressive leader who knows Black Lives Matter. She will champion these movements while creating a Party that is inclusive, transparent, and accountable. I am pleased to endorse Delaine Eastin to be the next Chair of the California Democratic Party.” - Taisha Brown

At the beginning of this month, I talked about Black history and the work we must do to uplift, champion and elect more Black leaders (that email is here: 

We know we must do much more to help build a future that will improve the lives of our Black brothers and sisters. Join me, and let’s focus on doing just that in the days, months and years ahead.

In solidarity,


p.s. I hope you will join our team and endorse me here: I would love to feature your endorsement; if you are interested please email me a photo, quote and title to [email protected]. Thank you!