Rep. Anna Eshoo: The Party Needs Delaine

It’s time for the California Democratic Party to unite to take on a potential gubernatorial recall and win back the congressional seats we lost in November. 

That’s why I am endorsing former California Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin for California Democratic Party Chair. I want a Party that is driven by our values in the way it runs, in the way it funds, and in the way it wins.  And I have no doubt with Delaine as Chair we will win. I appreciate Rusty’s service, and now it’s time to move to greater heights. 

This past November saw California give the Biden-Harris team a strong win -- while losing four Congressional seats and positions on key propositions. I can tell you, in Congress, we Democrats feel each one of those losses in a significant way. I can also tell you that as a long-time California Democrat we need a stronger, more visionary Party. I have seen losses but never this significant in a presidential election year when we had a strong presidential ticket.

We need to unite Californians all over our beautiful state, on a mission to not just regain those seats but to reengage and inspire those voters we lost in the last election. We need to be effective listeners, and to reflect the needs and ambitions of all our party members, not just that of the powerful and well funded. I want our California Democratic Party to be of, by and for the people. And in my experience there is no better leader to engage a group of people than Delaine Eastin. She has exceeded expectations in every position she has held. Delaine always builds a stellar team and mentors them to greater heights. And I know with her at the helm we will have ample resources to run our operations and our campaigns, without compromising our values or our environment.

That is what our Party needs. True leadership, independent and beholden not to one single group, but to every Californian who does or will call themselves a Democrat. I think it is time the Party elected a woman as Chair, especially one who is exceptionally qualified for the role.

Please join me in supporting the visionary, inclusive Delaine Eastin today as the next Chair of the California Democratic Party. It’s time for a transformational change for our Party.

Thank you,

Rep. Anna Eshoo