Delaine as State Superintendent

Delaine's record on education is vast; in fact, there is a Delaine Eastin Elementary School in Union City that attests to her leadership.

Some highlights include: sponsoring the largest school bond in state history that combined K-12 and higher education into one bond for the first time after both K-12 and CSU individual bonds were rejected; as Superintendent joining the lawsuit against Pete Wilson for illegally withholding funds from our schools, bringing over $2 billion to our schools. Delaine used these funds to reduce class sizes in K-3 to 20-1; to this day teachers approach her and tell her that it extended their teaching careers because they were able to know and help their students.

Delaine also served as a champion for wiring schools for technology and stronger technical and vocational training for students. She launched the Garden in Every School Initiative, and improved nutrition standards. She was the architect of Net Day, where over 20,000 volunteers wired California schools for modern technology; this was copied in 40 states and 40 countries and dramatically enhanced and expanded environmental education.

As a UC Regent, Delaine argued against tuition hikes and encouraged other Regents to do the same and to oppose a tax cut; she also did this as a Cal State University Trustee, advocating against higher fees and to oppose a tax cut. Delaine served as Honorary Co-Chair of Prop 10 which created First 5, California. When Delaine was in high school her college counselor told her college prep course load would not get her into a UC; she needed university prep. When Delaine became superintendent, she made sure the requirements were the same for the CSU system as they were for the UC system.