Delaine Eastin Receives Endorsement from National Women’s Political Caucus of California

The Delaine Eastin for Governor campaign is honored to announce the endorsement from the National Women’s Political Caucus of California (NWPC-CA). Their confidence in Delaine Eastin and knowledge of her ability to win tough races sends a strong message to the electorate that California needs a leader with the experience, courage and vision to lead our state in challenging times.

As Karen Humphrey, President of NWPC-CA, said  “I am thrilled Delaine Eastin has entered the race for Governor. She is an inspiration and a role model for California women and girls, and she is a tremendous leader with a proven track record of enacting positive change at the state level.  As State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Delaine fought for high quality public education at all levels; she knows it is an essential foundation for a healthy economy and ensures that all Californians can achieve their potential and enjoy a great quality of life. I have no doubt that she will travel to all corners of California to hear the needs of the people and share her vision to win this campaign.” Humphrey added, “Now more than ever California needs her powerful voice and a strong female Governor with the experience to manage complex systems and budgets, as well as defend the rights of our most vulnerable citizens. Delaine Eastin has what it takes to win, and NWPC-CA is excited to use our grassroots expertise to help her do it.”

The NWPC was founded in 1971 by Gloria Steinem and others to address the lack of representation of women in elected and appointed offices and was the first major organization whose total focus was to increase the participation of women in government.

Early in her career, as a teacher in the community college system, and later at Mills College, Delaine Eastin taught Women’s Studies courses and offered workshops on how and why women should run for office - long before she thought she would take such a step. Delaine was part of The 2012 Project at Rutgers to elect more women nationally during reapportionment and was then the inaugural chair of Close the Gap here in California, with a goal of electing more Democratic women to the legislature. Delaine has encouraged many women to run for office and has also mentored and supported many women during their campaigns and after their election. In her work as a Councilmember in Union City, as an Assemblymember and as State Superintendent, she has been a steadfast advocate for the rights of women, children and families. Defending these rights, especially with a new administration that wants to roll back the progress we've made, is one of the reasons she is running for Governor.

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