Delaine Eastin Statement for International Women's Day


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE       Date 3-8-2018

Contact: Jennifer Rindahl, Campaign Manager
C: 310.993.3213

Delaine Eastin Commits to
Leadership and Staff that is 50%+ Female as Governor

Delaine Eastin is the first candidate for Governor of California to commit
to hiring staff at all levels that is at least 50% self-identified women.

Davis, CA --  On International Women’s Day, Delaine Eastin is reaffirming her commitment to gender equality by unequivocally stating that as Governor, at least half of her administration will consist of self-identified women. Delaine’s leadership team will also be intersectional and diverse -- reflective of California’s population.

As the first and only woman to ever serve as State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Delaine proactively hired a 57% female staff. At the time she was even mocked by some for having ‘the department run by women’. Delaine responded by saying, “If it were 57% men, would you call it the department run by men?”  The current struggles women face have not significantly changed for most women globally, and it is incumbent upon all who seek justice to recognize the need for affirmative action in the workplace -- especially for women of color.

At the current rate of progress in the United States, women will not achieve political parity until the year 2080. Currently, less than 23% of our state legislators are women.  Overall, the United States ranks 104th of countries in the world for female political representation. California has never elected a female governor, and Delaine’s candidacy serves as an example and beacon of hope to women and girls across the state.  In addition to hiring equity and other critical issues for women, Delaine recognizes that elected officials lead from a position of strength. Delaine is committed to putting her name behind female candidates for office by endorsing a majority of self-identified women -- with an emphasis on endorsing women of color, who are severely underrepresented.

“From pay equity, to political representation, to sexual harassment and abuse, the plight of women is disgraceful and dangerous in our society. It’s more important now than ever that women get elected, stand united and vote for the change we deserve: our voices are strong, our eyes are clear, and today our hearts beat as one demanding bread and roses for all!


About Delaine Eastin:

Delaine Eastin has a long record of public service to the state of California. The only woman to be elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction, she also served as an Assemblywoman and City Councilwoman.  Delaine has served as a Cal State Trustee, UC Regent and on a number of boards and commissions. Prior to entering public service she worked as a college professor, and a strategic planner. The daughter of a Navy machinist and a dress clerk, Delaine was born in San Diego and grew up in San Francisco and San Carlos. She earned a bachelor’s degree from UC Davis and a Master’s Degree in Political Science from UC Santa Barbara. Delaine is a passionate advocate for children and families. She is fighting for jobs that pay a living wage, our environment, public education, from cradle to career, healthcare for ALL, and for investments in housing, transportation and infrastructure to build an economy that works for all Californians. An elementary school in Union City is named after her. Learn more about Delaine at