Delaine on Charter Schools

This is noted here due to attempts by her opposition to rewrite Delaine’s history. When Delaine was in the legislature she fought hard to insist that charter schools play by the rules and require collective bargaining and teacher credentialing; the then governor, Republican Pete Wilson, not only signed Gary Hart’s bill, he took the extra and unnecessary step to veto Delaine’s bill. Delaine also called for a moratorium on charter schools when she ran for governor (article here: That said, students who have aged out of the public education system or have been expelled due to behavioral issues in a school district often have no opportunity to access a free public education. Although Delaine understands the current system does not provide opportunities for those students, she still believes these emancipated minors and others should have access to a public education. Until our public education system discovers a way to provide that, we need to provide another option. These options can save these young adults. Delaine has seen it happen.