Delaine's Environmental Record

Delaine has been a leader on environmental issues since she got her start on the City Council in Union City.

The Council discovered that PG&E had a large PCB storage yard in Union City. PG&E had received a permit from the state without informing the Council. The City Council sued PG&E to remove the storage yard and PG&E counter sued each Council member in order to intimidate them. One Councilmember changed his vote. Delaine hired a private attorney and stuck to her position. Eventually, Union City won the lawsuit and the PCB storage yard was removed.

As an Assemblymember, Delaine wrote AB 2448, still the largest Landfill Cleanup Bill signed in our state, which added a tipping fee on garbage, incentivizing recycling on the statewide-wide level as mounting evidence of huge amounts of migrating methane were leaving old garbage dumps and groundwater was being polluted by these same dumps. She also carried a series of bills to promote recycling, including requiring bottle manufacturers to use a minimum content of recycled glass when making a bottle in California. Delaine carried a bill to ban the dumping of appliances in landfills because their chemicals were leaching into groundwater in various locations around our state.