Eastin Announces Strong Support from LGBT Leaders - Delaine Eastin for Governor – Let's Build a Better California
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Eastin Announces Strong Support from LGBT Leaders

Eastin Announces Strong Support from LGBT Leaders


Delaine Eastin Receives Major Endorsements from
San Francisco Icons Harry Britt and Tom Ammiano

Prominent San Franciscans Proudly Endorse Delaine Eastin

DAVIS, CA -- Delaine Eastin, Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction and candidate for Governor, is proud to announce her most recent endorsements from LGBT Activists and San Francisco community leaders former Assemblymember and San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano and former San Francisco Supervisor Harry Britt. These endorsements follow the endorsement of San Francisco’s Harvey Milk LGBT Club, as well as several other local clubs in San Francisco.

Harry Britt shared, “As State Superintendent of California’s schools, Delaine was one of the first leaders in the country to stand up for the rights of LGBT students. Delaine doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. I am proud to endorse her as our next governor.”

Tom Ammiano stated, “Delaine’s fight to establish First Five California helped me create San Francisco’s Prop H to provide universal preschool for all San Francisco 4-year-olds. I have watched Delaine’s lifetime of advocacy for education and her skill as a legislator, and I know she will do great things for California. She has my full support.”

Tom Ammiano and Harry Britt were the driving forces behind some of the city’s great progressive actions. As a Supervisor, Britt introduced domestic partner legislation in 1982, which was passed by the Board of Supervisors but vetoed by Mayor Feinstein. Then, in 1989, under Britt's leadership, the board again passed domestic partner legislation, which was this time signed by Mayor Art Agnos before it was later repealed by voters.

Ammiano’s accomplishments on the Board of Supervisors include the San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance, which was passed by a unanimous vote of the Board of Supervisors. Ammiano was also the main architect of the city's Domestic Partners Ordinance, which provides equal benefits to employees and their unmarried domestic partners.

Eastin has a long track record of supporting the LGBT community. During Delaine’s first race for the Assembly in 1986, she came out strongly against Santa Clara County’s Prop 64, a noxious attempt to classify AIDS as a communicable disease, which could have forced people into quarantine.

As Superintendent of Public Instruction, Eastin convened the Department of Education’s first LGBT Task Force, one of the first in the nation, under the authority of AB 537 (The California Student Safety and Violence Prevention Act of 2000). They published a radically progressive report that was slammed by conservatives. (Eastin herself received death threats.) Among the recommendations: a revision of the California State Board of Education’s Hate Motivated Violence Policy to include gender and sexual identity based violence, a new focus on anti-bullying initiatives for LGBT Students in K-12; integrated curricula teaching LGBT Historical Figures and Events with expanded LGBT resources in libraries; and a modification of existing data gathering methods in order to provide information on the prevalence of threats, harassment, or violence against students based on gender or sexual identity. Furthermore, it called on California public schools to develop resources for and protect the rights of transgender students.     

Eastin was also the first Superintendent of Public Instruction to march in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade (along with her high school drama teacher and nephew) and, as a University of California Regent, she was one of the deciding votes against Pete Wilson’s attempt to take away domestic partnership rights from LGBTQ employees.


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