We encourage you to reach out and let us know what you would like to see for the Democratic Party to grow and succeed in California.

My goals include:

  1. Grow the Party and win back seats we lost in 2020 and more. This is not about destroying the Party we have built, it’s about bringing back constituencies that gravitated elsewhere, and ensuring  a sustainable Party built on making the American Dream accessible to all.
  2. Bring excitement to the Party -- make it a club you want to be in, with a mission you want to be on. The Democratic Party needs to truly stand for everything we say we stand for, to embody our values and our platform. I can and I will create a sense of purpose and energy for change.
  3. On the issues, we need to focus on our commitment to equity and justice for ALL Californians.  WE must be sure we consistently address this commitment in an intersectional way, fighting injustice affecting any group and ensuring the inclusion of views across racial, gender, and other lines. We also especially need to rebuild our commitment to protecting the environment and addressing climate change in a way that also grows the economy and improves the quality of life for every Californian.
  4. Build a bench, and train people not only to run for office but to engage others in their vision of Democratic values, to organize, to manage a budget, and to have the skills to succeed in a campaign and in elected and appointed office. Give people a sense that even if they are not on the field at this minute, they need to be prepared and ready to go.
  5. Expand our donor base -- we lost donors, including many women in recent years.  Often they support our candidates directly but see no value in supporting the party itself.  Our team will work to create a dynamic, forward-thinking Party,  we will generate more energy and more financial resources.
  6. Create collegiality and a sense of teamwork -- with the challenges facing California -- pandemic, huge economic disruption, demands for racial and gender justice, we have to acknowledge the forces outside that challenge our ability to respond, and make sure the Party has a nimble, dynamic presence. The Party will foster healthy constructive debate while at the same time being a calm and compassionate place to share concerns, and an invigorating place to be involved.