We encourage you to reach out to us here and let us know what you would like to see for the Democratic Party to grow and succeed in California.

Delaine's goals:

  1. Win back seats we lost in 2020 and build a bench. Delaine wants to create an inclusive and unified California Democratic Party that will win back the seats we lost, and train and support a diverse group of Democratic candidates up and down the ballot, and all over the state. Delaine’s plan includes support for candidates in nonpartisan races, which build and train a bench of leaders, who are ready to step up when the time comes to run for partisan offices. It’s time to elect, appoint, and uplift  women and people of color in proportion to their numbers in our Party and in elected office.
  2. Create effective mentorship and training programs -- Having been elected and served in all levels of state government -- as a local city councilmember, an assembly member, and a state constitutional officer -- and as a local officer of the Party -- Delaine knows how to win races and mentor candidates and officers. She will create a robust training program, not just for candidates but for our elected Party leaders. She knows what successful mentoring looks like because she had those mentors in the private and public sector and they made her a much more effective manager and leader. 
  3. Lead on the issues for our future. Delaine believes we need to focus on our commitment to equity and justice for ALL Californians. We must consistently reaffirm this commitment in an intersectional way, fighting injustice and bridging lines of race, gender, sexuality, ability, and income to assemble a broad party coalition for our shared, Democratic future.Delaine knows we need to rebuild our commitment to environmental protection and climate action  in a way that grows the economy and improves the quality of life for every Californian. When Delaine is Chair we will stand for what our platform says we stand for. We will be the Party championing clean money, campaign finance reform, environmental justice, social justice and Medicare for all. Delaine will make child development and education our Party’s priority as the state of California constitution says it should be. 
  4. Unify the Party. Delaine's teams have always been diverse in many ways, and that includes political. Yes, supporters of ‘Hillary’, ‘Kamala’, ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Bernie’ work side by side on her campaign, committed to improving our Party and our state. Delaine will build a mission-driven, united Party everyone wants to join. She will lead this Party to heights that don’t seem possible now -- it’s how she has led in every position she has held. She will bring enthusiasm and teamwork to the California Democratic Party. Delaine has always welcomed healthy debate, knowing that we all want what is best for our beautiful state. And Delaine leads with optimism, not fear. 
  5. Democratize the Party. Delaine understands that far too much power sits with the Chair—in her experience, the best decisions are made with input from colleagues. She will include more voices when making committee appointments, and ADEM-related decisions, and work with diverse representatives of the Party to create a Party where all feel safe, heard and represented. Please read about her ideas for Party Reform.
  6. Expand our donor base -- we lost donors, including many women, in recent years.  Too often, these donors support our candidates directly, but see no value in supporting the party itself. Delaine's passion, platform, and dynamic team will bring donor attention and support back to the Democratic party—and she will do it the right way.  Under Delaine’s leadership, the Party will stop taking fossil fuel money, and make up that difference by engaging climate activists with a bold campaign for environmental justice. That targeted outreach will extend to other demographics, letting people know that their concerns and goals are represented, and their financial resources will be put to good use electing Democrats who share those values. Right now, too many potential donors do not know what we stand for. That will end with Delaine as Chair.
  7. Create collegiality and a sense of teamwork. -- With the challenges California faces -- from a pandemic, to huge economic disruption, to demands for racial and gender justice --we have to acknowledge the forces outside that challenge our ability to respond, and make sure the Party has a nimble, dynamic presence. Delaine will cultivate healthy, constructive debate within the party, while providing a calm and compassionate place to share concerns, reaffirm shared goals, and empower Party-wide action toward goals including educational justice and climate action.