Great Poll News and the Most Memorable Ad - Delaine Eastin for Governor – Let's Build a Better California
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Great Poll News and the Most Memorable Ad

Great Poll News and the Most Memorable Ad

Yesterday we got some exciting news. A new poll shows Delaine as the second leading democrat in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This news couldn’t have come at a better time, as we just released our first major Ad: Cut Out the Middle Men

Politico said:  “Delaine’s Done It, Launched One of the Most Memorable Ads of the 2018 gubernatorial campaign”


The LA Times: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Delaine Eastin released a television ad on Tuesday that features clips of most of her rivals in the race agreeing with her during a series of debates.

Doug Sovern, political reporter KCBS: Very clever new ad from @DelaineEastin shows all the men in the race for governor agreeing with her on a range of issues.

John Meyers from the LA Times: Clever video from @DelaineEastin's campaign for governor, showing everyone agreeing with her at recent debates.

We are running Cut Out the MIddle Men across social media and on select TV stations. But we need to do more. Will you donate $29.20, $292.00 or even $2920.00 to help us air this spot in more media markets?

Right now voters are starting to pay attention to this race. We need them to know that there’s one candidate in the race that even her opponents believe has the right ideas to lead California, and that's Delaine. 

Will you make a contribution here today? 

It's time to build a better California