How do I vote for delegates who support Delaine?

By now, many of you have received your ballots in the mail (if you have not, don’t worry, they should arrive in the next few days). 

Who do you vote for if you want to support Delaine? Our allies in the progressive movement have built this website Simply enter your address (ignore an 'oops' box if it pops up), and click your district below, to see delegates that are supportive of Delaine (not all delegates that support Delaine are listed, and not all delegates on the site support Delaine, but the majority do). 

The website will be completed this weekend, in time for you to ideally mail your ballot by January 20th (all ballots need to be received by January 27th). At the bottom of your district page you may see additional names in smaller print; those are delegates that are likely supportive of Delaine, but may not have gone through the full vetting process. In some Assembly Districts (ADs) it may be better/more strategic to cast your votes for a smaller slate (less than 14 people). Please refer to the PDN website and your personal network for recommendations.

It is very important to vote for NO MORE than 14 people. If you vote for more than 14, your ballot will be disqualified. 

Questions? Please reach out to us at [email protected] or (510)214-3302.

With appreciation,

All of us at Team Delaine