I Stand with Governor Newsom

I stand with Governor Newsom against this recall effort driven by opportunistic Republicans. As someone who has held statewide office, I believe Governor Newsom has given a strong performance while up against tremendous challenges in the deepest recession in recent memory and a global pandemic. 

Let’s be clear -- Republicans are VERY aware that the only chance they have to elect a Republican governor is by a recall. And yes, fuel was added to the fire earlier by one of our own calling the recall a "California coup", needlessly giving the press corps and recall leaders more fodder. We must stand up against this effort that has no relation to the facts and everything to do with our current crises coupled with the momentum Republicans are feeling after Democrats lost congressional seats and propositions in November. I ask you to join me so we can stand together and defend our governor and his leadership.

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If you are a local elected official, please sign on to endorse against the recall: https://fs3.formsite.com/CADEM2011/gvna7ic7ge/index.html

I can tell you, from my time as California Superintendent of Public Instruction, that every corner of our beautiful state has its own character and its own politics. And managing those politics, while dealing with an economic crisis in the midst of a pandemic, creates an environment where it is almost impossible to govern as one would like. Successes are tainted with attacks unrelated to the reality at hand (for example, some recall attacks say there are not enough people being vaccinated -- while anti-vaxxers, many who are helping the recall, work to shut down our vaccination sites; hypocrisy at its finest). The perfect storm of these crises, coupled with the rampant misinformation campaign that has been the hallmark of Republicans over the last four years, has led to a situation that Republicans are desperately trying to capitalize on. 

We cannot take this Republican effort lightly; we must consider the ramifications. What would it mean if Republicans succeeded? I know -- I worked with another Republican and former San Diego Mayor who was governor the first time I was elected statewide. We must not go back to those days of more discrimination, more angry discourse and more anti-immigrant bias. 

At the MOST basic level, if this recall is successful, it would mean:

  1. NO opportunity to move forward on Medicare for All/Single Payer. Yes, I will fight for AB1400 CalCare should I have the honor of being chair of our Party, but it will be highly unlikely, if not impossible, to pass it without a Democrat as governor, even with a Democratic majority in the legislature. 
  2. The risk of further disinvestment from public education and the diversion of education funds toward charters or voucher programs. This risk is always present, as I know from my time in the legislature as well as during my tenure as state superintendent and beyond. 
  3. Rolling back environmental protections. Republican governors are much more likely to support fracking, the use of toxic agricultural chemicals in farming and advocacy for unsafe production methods like modified hydrofluoric acid for gasoline production.
  4. Reversal of criminal justice reforms. While in the past few years we have seen Democrats and Republicans come together over some of these reforms, I do not see the latter as invested in re-entry and re-housing programs, creating employment opportunities, and reforming our sentencing laws. We are at or near the top in expenses per prisoner because of past gubernatorial errors; a Republican governor would likely continue that trend.

As someone who served in public office for over 22 years,  I believe Governor Newsom has put in a strong performance while up against tremendous challenges. We need to stand with him and fight for him against this backroom endeavor to take control and line the pockets of special interests. And there are many other progressive policies that we can pass under a Democratic administration, all of which are on the line if this recall effort is successful.

Please stand with Governor Newsom and for California’s future.

Democratically yours,