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Introduction of Environmental Vision

Introduction of Environmental Vision

As Director of Environmental Education in the California Department of Education, I had the privilege of working with Delaine for eight years in her capacity as State Superintendent of Public Instruction. I saw firsthand her humble genius in both creating robust partnerships among multiple state agencies and in encouraging private investment in public education.

As State Superintendent Delaine did more than anyone before or since to champion environmental literacy and foster environmental stewardship in our youngest Californians.

I’m not surprised that her environmental platform for governor is just as expansive and forward thinking. It’s who Delaine is.

What’s in her plan? For starters, Delaine is fully committed to taking immediate steps based on the latest science to reduce the excess heat that is driving global climate change. This means looking at our entire carbon footprint, not just carbon dioxide, but also methane, black carbon, and ozone in the troposphere, which together are responsible for nearly as much of this heat as carbon dioxide.

Renewable power alone won’t do it. Our Cap and Trade program won’t do it. We need to be smarter – both in understanding the true nature of this challenge, and in targeting every dollar we spend to get the biggest bang for the buck.

Delaine knows the current path we’re on is too little, too late, and is not a wise use of taxpayer dollars. We can be smarter, more cost-effective, and still get the job done.

She will be rolling out more details on her environmental vision in the next few weeks and you can see an overview here.

If we want an environmental champion, there is only one choice:  Delaine.

Please join me in supporting her to ensure all our students become environmentally literate and to fortify California’s resolve to chart an environmentally and economically sustainable future. You can make a contribution here.

Thank you for your consideration,

Bill Andrews
Founder of the California Environmental Education Foundation

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