Demand Municipal Broadband

On December 14, 2017 the Federal Communications Commission voted to end net neutrality, a key component to a free and open internet. Fundamentally, the Internet needs to be treated like the core utility it is, and I am committed to providing equal access for all Californians.


I’ve said before that broadband Internet is the equivalent of the Rural Electrification Act that brought electricity to remote and isolated parts of the country and changed Americans lives for the better.  


The Internet is the means by which information is freely accessed in the 21st century. We cannot allow corporations to determine what content is more readily available or unavailable.


California must lead the way in providing affordable access to net neutral, high speed internet to everyone in our state. Chattanooga Has Its Own Broadband—Why Doesn’t Every City?


Join me in demanding California support net neutral, municipal/community based, high speed internet for ALL.



Will you sign?