My First 100 Days

I wanted to share my current plan for my first 100 days as chair; I welcome your input and suggestions. After over 20 years of experience as an elected official, I know the importance of getting a strong start. The 2022 midterms are around the corner, and we need a plan that will protect and expand our seats in congress, so we are well on our way to turn California bluer than blue.

  1. Work to take down the recall, if it qualifies. This will require statewide organizing and fundraising, and we will have a team of the best minds to pick up wherever the current team is, and move forward while being nimble and constantly reevaluating the best approach. As you may (or not!) remember, I was first elected statewide in the Republican wave and the governor was...Pete Wilson, who had been San Diego mayor. This is not my first rodeo. There is no one better prepared to lead -- with you -- the take down of this recall. The day I was elected was the day Prop 187 passed, and the Governor told me my first assignment would be to implement Prop 187. I told him in no uncertain terms that I would not turn our teachers into immigration agents and he said I will see you in court. And he told me when he won he would have me recalled. Well, we know how that turned out... Bottom line, we need to not only educate voters that the governor has done nothing for which he should recalled, we need to remind people of the assault on civil liberties and attacks on immigrant communities so they know that this fight is one we all need to be in for the future of our beautiful blue state.
  2. Reach out to you. I will meet with the office staff and my newly elected fellow officers and then reach out to regional directors, county chairs, caucus chairs, delegates and elected officials to ask what is working and what is not, and get everyone’s ideas for how we can create a better Party. We have no time to waste in building and strengthening our party so that, in 18 months, we are well-positioned for victory. 
  3. Work with my colleagues in leadership to develop a financial plan for victory up and down the ballot, ensuring funding to support the leaders we need to win back seats, and more.
  4. Set up strategic task forces to (1) win back the seats we lost in 2020 and look at other opportunities for growth in local and partisan office seats (2) develop a plan for shared governance to democratize the Party; there is too much power in the hands of the chair, from appointments to fundraising decisions, and when that happens, people begin to feel powerless or irrelevant; see my detailed Party Leadership Reform Pledge (3) develop robust education opportunities for newly elected county chairs and candidates so they are available as requested and make sure our counties have the resources they need to be successful; (4) investigate problems with the 2020-21 ADEM elections, and establish a process for 2022-23 to increase transparency and accountability, and build confidence in the integrity of the process.

Bottom line -- we can and we will take back those seats we lost and more. We need to look at candidates across the board, from the local city council to the county supervisor to the state legislature to congress and make sure we have the best candidates ready to run and to win.

I am so looking forward to creating a more inclusive, dynamic and unified California Democratic Party. It is time to put the democracy back in the California Democratic Party. I can promise you that together, we WILL win -- and have fun while we are at it!

Most democratically yours,

Delaine Eastin

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