My Top 6 Priorities

As a long time leader and manager in the public and private sector, and as a Democrat who is so grateful for the opportunities our Party provided to me, I am heartbroken by our losses and by our lack of vision. Our Party is at a turning point. I have a history of bringing people together on a mission to change the future for the better. It's what I will do for the California Democratic Party.

I'm not going to mince words. Our Party has to face some hard truths. Too often we do not operate by the values we say we hold dear. I will make our Party an organization that is known for being true to its values, in the way it runs, in the way it funds, and in the way it wins. And win we will when I am Chair.

These are my 'TOP 6' -- the priorities I have when I lead the Partyorganizing to defeat the recall should it qualify; winning back the seats we lost and more; implementing much better systems for our internal elections and appointments; democratizing the party; increasing diversity and committing to campaign finance reform.

Don't bow to the pressures of the status quo; dream big and work with me to create a Democratic Party we all are proud to be a part of.

LET'S DO THIS!! Join us and let's create a better California Democratic Party.