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News & Campaign Updates

News & Campaign Updates

SF Chronicle: California's next governor will have plenty of school work

Delaine Eastin

Bottom line: “We’ve built one new UC since 1995, along with three (California State University campuses) and nine community colleges. In the same period, we’ve built 23 prisons.”

K-12: Eastin has long called for universal preschool and full-day mandatory kindergarten. “When states like Georgia can find a way to fund preschool but California can’t, I know we can do better,” she said.

Eastin wants to move California from the bottom 10 to the top 10 in per-pupil spending, and proposes to do it by changing Proposition 13 to require regular reassessment of commercial and industrial property. She would raise businesses’ baseline tax to 1.5 percent of assessed value, from the current 1 percent. The increased revenue would be earmarked for schools.

Higher ed: Public colleges and universities should be basically free, as the state’s 1960s educational master plan called for, Eastin said. The equivalent price today would be about $600 a semester for UC and just under $350 a semester for CSU, she said.

The state also needs to build more colleges, technical schools and universities and put them in high unemployment areas, Eastin said.

“We have to make sure kids have access to everything, and that includes broadband everywhere,” she said. Higher education “is not only about college, but about jobs and career training.”

SF Bay Guardian: Delaine Eastin for Governor

It’s astonishing that in an age clamoring for more female representation, the only credible woman running for governor of California has gotten so little attention. The race has been dominated by Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, who was a terrible mayor of San Francisco, a worthless Lite Guv who sued his own city to allow more development on the waterfront, and a candidate who makes promises that we—who have watched him for many years—know he won’t keep.

It’s also a bit surprising that Antonio Villaraigosa, the former mayor of Los Angeles, isn’t doing better in the polls, when Latino voters are among the fastest-growing demographic in the state (and immigration is a dominant issue).

Newsom has always been a corporate Democrat. Villaraigosa has a lot of offer, but it’s hard to back someone who was at war with the teachers union in his home town.

Eastin is the only candidate who is (really) committed to reforming Prop. 13, to single-payer health care, and to radically changing the state’s priorities. We are proud to endorse her.

Oakland Post: Tenants Gather Signatures to Put Anti-Rent Control Measure on Ballot

Supporters of the repeal of the state anti-rent control law, the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, rally Monday in front of Oakland City Hall. Oakland Councilmember-at-Large Rebecca Kaplan is speaking, and to her right are candidate for governor Delaine Eastin and City Councilmember Dan Kalb. Photo by Ken Epstein.

Pasadena Now: First Asian Pacific American Gubernatorial Debate

The debate was moderated by Richard Lui, of KNBC-4, and Seema Mehta, of The Los Angeles Times. Questions centered around healthcare, housing, environment, language accessibility and education. Democrat Gavin Newsom did not attend the event. His office did return calls or emails from Pasadena Now.

Asked about the hot-button immigration issue, both Cox and Allen stressed border security and crime, with Cox calling Mexico a “corrupt and out-of-control country,” while Eastin noted that half of California’s businesses have at least one immigrant as a founder. Villaraigosa pointed to a recent study by the American Academy of Science, which determined that undocumented immigrants commit less crime than native-born Americans.

On the question of Affirmative Action programs, Eastin said, “I believe in Affirmative Action for lower income students, for people who have special needs, and I believe that this state needs to make college education free for each and every California student. Let’s focus on helping every kid in this state have a brilliant future.”

Asked about climate change, Eastin countered, “I believe in something called science. I not only believe in what Governor Jerry Brown is doing, but I will take it much further. The reality is that we absolutely have to reduce our carbon footprint in this state.”

Addressing the housing and homelessness issue, Eastin declared, “We need a full court press to make sure we’re building homes close to transit hubs,”, while Villaraigosa acknowledged that the cost of housing is the reason why California has the largest number of homeless in the country, and Addressing the housing and homelessness issue outlined a wide-ranging plan which included transit-oriented districts, “granny flats,” and housing trust funds.

EdSource: Candidates for California governor clash over spending, charter schools at PTA forum

Eastin, the state’s top education executive for eight years ending in 2003, the only woman elected to the job, in contrast, said it was “absolutely disgraceful” that California’s per pupil spending was less than half of that in New York’s. In one of the most-cheered lines of the forum, Eastin took aim at Allen’s calls for more accountability without extra money for schools. “I tried to explain to my friend Mr. Allen that you don’t fatten a hog by weighing it more often,” Eastin said.

SF Chronicle: How to fix California's roads, bridges, dams

Delaine Eastin

Bottom line: “For too long, our basic infrastructure has been allowed to crumble,” Eastin said. “It’s going to take serious effort and long-range planning to fix this mess. We cannot keep borrowing money to build shiny new projects without first fixing what we already have.”

Gas tax: Money from the tax is a crucial part of any effort to repair California roads and bridges, Eastin said.

If a repeal measure makes the November ballot, “we need to pass the gas tax,” she said. “We also need to spend some of that money on transit, to get people out of their cars.”

It’s important to make people realize that the money from the gas tax will go right back to them in the form of better roads and improved transportation, Eastin said.

High-speed rail: Eastin admits to mixed feelings about the rail plan and argues that she — and the state — have higher priorities.

“I’m a fan of the concept, but I don’t want to see general obligation bonds used, since they make everything more expensive,” she said.

If there were an identified revenue source for the project, she would be more supportive, Eastin said.

One way to raise money for high-speed rail, she said, is with an oil severance tax on companies that extract fossil fuels, something the state has been talking about — and rejecting — for years.

The Berkeley Daily Planet: Seeking a Tenant Friendly Governor?

Michael Katz
Thursday April 26, 2018 - 12:57:00 PM

Also on the June 5 ballot is the primary to nominate our next governor. There, the sole major candidate who straightforwardly advocates repealing Costa-Hawkins is Delaine Eastin, who twice held the state schools chief's office that Tony Thurmond now seeks. During her prior eight years in the state Legislature, Eastin served with great distinction – nearly single-handedly dragging real results out of that institution's murk. 

Unlike that race's two erratic leading Democrats (Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa), Eastin has no bizarre behavior, flip-flopping on major issues, pandering speeches at the feet of Central Asian tyrants, or kneecapping of fellow Democrats to answer for. If you're seeking a no-regrets primary first choice for governor, she's worth a serious look. 

Sacramento Bee: Where candidates for California governor stand on single-payer health care

"There's an old saying 'Greed is good.' Well I don't think greed is good. It's bad, and I think it's hurting a lot of normal, ordinary people," Eastin said in an interview. "If you have a system where only the fortunate are covered, then the rest live in terror that an illness will bankrupt them, or worse.

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LA Times: Delaine Eastin is fighting for momentum

California has never elected a female governor. And Eastin, one of nine women to be elected to statewide office in California's history, hopes to break that barrier in November, 26 years after California sent two women to the U.S. Senate in the "Year of the Woman." But few voters know her because she left the Capitol 15 years ago. So Eastin is barnstorming the state, appearing in all of California's 58 counties.



GOP and Dem Gov Candidates Wrangle Over California's Future

Delaine Eastin, Democratic former state assemblywoman and state superintendent said the state needed to invest heavily in education, which would double as a safety plan.

“We need to spend more on preschool and less on San Quentin,” she said, referring to the state’s infamous prison in the San Francisco Bay.

Eastin said she would declare a state of emergency if elected governor, saying she has never seen so many homeless women and children. She said she would support legislation for rent control, to ease the burden on low income renters in the state. Read the full article

Sacramento Bee: Stronger rent control supported by just one major candidate for California governor

Delaine Eastin is the only major candidate for California governor to unequivocally support a potential November ballot measure that would allow stronger local rent control laws across the state. Eastin, a Democrat and former state schools chief, said she supports the outright repeal of the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, which prevents rent control ordinances from applying to housing built after 1995, as well as single-family homes, duplexes and condos. Read the full article

VIDEO: Fox 11 - Delaine Eastin runs for Governor

        Watch the video here

        Democrat Delaine Eastin hopes to be California's first female governor. 

        Elex Michaelson interviewed her.

The former State Superintendent of Education says that she has spent her entire career working to improve education. 

Born in San Diego to a mother who was a dress sales clerk and a Navy machinist father, she says she got her love for the state from her dad, who used to tell her,"Californians are people born somewhere else who came to their senses."

Delaine was the first in her family to graduate from college, and was subsequently elected to the Union City Council, and then became one of a handful of women elected to the California Legislature in 1986.

In 1994, she became the state's first and ,so far, only woman elected to run California's schools. 

She swears that if she becomes Governor, her staff would be at least half women.

Eastin wants to increase funding for education, she believes California should be a sanctuary state, supports the gas tax for more infrastructure spending.
She also believes heathcare is a right, not a privilege for the wealthy.

While Eastin is divorced and could never have her own kids, she consider's all of California's kids like her own.

Delaine Stuns Establishment with CA DEM Endorsement Vote Upset

This weekend the California Democratic Party held its annual convention in San Diego, and Delaine Eastin crushed all expectations. She was up against two Democratic Party insiders who had received the Party endorsement just four years ago. She hit a home run, getting 20% of the vote compared to Antonio Villaraigosa’s 9%. No candidate received the endorsement and the corporate money backed frontrunner received just 39%.

Delaine’s message of putting all Californians, and particularly our children, first again, is resonating with people of all ages. She has excited former Hillary and Bernie supporters to elect a woman with real convictions who is not for sale to the highest bidder.

Together, we will truly create a brighter future for all Californians.

Delaine Eastin Speech at the Democratic Convention

Thank you Maha, my dear friend, for your wonderful introduction. As a new mom, I know you are not alone in struggling to make it here today --work, childcare, accessibility, cost...I know it isn’t easy. So I want to thank everyone for making the effort to be here so we can create a better California.

California is a state overwhelmingly run by Democrats. We are the leaders of the resistance to Trump. We are also the state that has the highest number and percentage of poor people and homeless individuals in the country.

If Democrats can’t protect and grow the middle class in the richest state in the richest country on earth, what good are we?

I am running for Governor of California because this country runs on other people’s children and we are failing far too many of them.

Ninety percent of my generation, the baby boomers, ended up doing better financially than our parents. But the Millennials only have a 50-50 chance of doing better than their parents despite being the best-educated generation in our history.

The high costs of childcare, housing, healthcare and education, coupled with the decline in jobs that pay a living wage are crushing our families.

You need a visionary governor with a brass backbone, who isn’t afraid of bullies and will not kowtow to the rich and powerful.  That is who I am, what I have always done, and what I will do as Governor.

I know that the decline of the middle class is directly tied to the decline of the labor movement in our country. When I was a kid, 30% of the country was unionized and the middle class thrived. Now, labor is down to 10% and the Janus case is threatening to lower it further. The future of the middle class depends on giving more power to labor, and I promise you as governor, I will not just say this to your face, I will say it in corporate boardrooms.

I am not afraid to take on the greed that has hurt the middle class, be it through falling wages or rising costs.

As Governor, I will not compromise with the insurance or pharmaceutical companies when it comes to your health. I will fight to create universal, single payer healthcare for ALL Californians.

As Governor, I will ban fracking and stand up to polluters because every resident of our state has a fundamental right to breathe clean air and drink clean water.

As Governor I will build more affordable housing and I will repeal Costa Hawkins.

As Governor, I will not be afraid of the infamous third rail of California politics. We will reform Prop 13 as it applies to Commercial/Industrial Properties and put that money back into education.

Budgets are statements of values.I am ashamed to tell you that California is number 41 in the country in per pupil investment, but we are number one in per prisoner expenditure.

We must reform the criminal justice system and stop criminalizing poverty, skin color and mental health conditions.

We must invest in our children and families, from cradle to career. This means fully paid maternity and paternity leave, affordable childcare, universal preschool, lifting k-12 from the bottom ten into the top ten in per pupil funding, and it most definitely means we must make college tuition free again!

Finally, it was Shirley Chisholm, the first African American woman in Congress, who said, “At present, our country needs women's idealism and determination, perhaps more in politics than anywhere else.”

I am the only candidate who has served in local government, in the state legislature, and as a Constitutional Officer, where I was the first and only woman elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

California has never had a woman governor. The bigger the state, the harder it is to elect women.

I am not rich, but I still went corporate free. Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Banks, the gig economy that exploits workers, will never own me.

The Democratic Party was the most successful when we were a party of the people instead of a party of corporate and special interests. We didn’t need the most money, we just needed enough, because we had the trust of the American people.

It is time to take back the Democratic Party so that it returns to progressive values that used to be the heart and soul of who we were.

Today is a day to vote for the person you truly believe will be the best Governor for our state. I promise you, I have the courage, the vision and the heart to lead this state forward. I would be honored to have your vote.

Delaine Goes Corporate Free

Eastin Goes Corporate Free

Delaine Eastin, former State Superintendent of Public Instruction and the first non-wealthy woman to run a competitive race for Governor of California is joining the growing tide of democratic candidates around the country and declining corporate donations, known as “corporate free”. This includes corporate PACS and contributions from corporate lobbyists.

“Our campaign finance system is a disaster, and Californians are sick and tired of having the best candidates money can buy,” Eastin stated.

According to polling, over 80% of Americans: Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike, believe that money has too much influence in political campaigns.

Eastin has been a longtime supporter of Common Cause and People for the American Way and experienced first hand the threat of big money on politics during her re-election campaign for State Superintendent in 1998.

Two weeks before the November election, David Packard donated $500,000 to the campaign of Delaine’s opponent. At the time, it was the largest contribution ever made to a California politician. He was joined by Howard Ahmanson from Home Savings who donated $225,000 and John Walton of Walmart who kicked in $55,000. Three other wealthy corporate moguls brought the total contribution to over one million dollars.

The money was spent to attack Eastin as a liberal, for having a “gay agenda” because she proudly touted endorsements from LGBTQ organizations, and for being a strong supporter of bilingual education.  It went to the campaign of a candidate that the Sacramento Bee characterized as “…not remotely qualified to hold this office”.

“They thought they could take me out, but we fought back with a lot of small dollar donors, and I won.” Eastin shared.

Since 1998, the influence of money on politics and politicians has grown exponentially.

“My dad always told me that you might as well shoot a dog as give it a bad name,” Eastin said. “California has the highest effective poverty rate in the country. People are understandably cynical. They want money out of politics. I support public funding of campaigns, but in the meantime, I am going entirely corporate free, and returning donations that don't meet this pledge, because it is the right thing to do. I am also continuing my pledge not to take money from Big Oil, Tobacco or the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Thomas Elias: Delaine Eastin a sleeper candidate who could emerge

Click here to read the article.

Eastin has some advantages, despite her relatively late entry into this race. She's a woman in an era when the sexual peccadilloes of male politicians have destroyed several careers and turned off female voters. She also takes firmer stands on some issues than her rivals.

Why I’m Supporting Delaine Eastin (Part 2)

Click here to read the article. 

"So much of the media coverage of this race (and others) is focused on polling and fundraising. Delaine doesn’t need the most money to win. She needs enough. And she is raising it the right way: through small dollar donations from people like you and me. I’m supporting her because she is running a different type of campaign that I know will inspire others the way it has inspired me."



CSBA Annual Education Conference 2017

Delaine addresses key education topics during this December 2nd gubernatorial candidate panel. 

Eastin champions education solutions in Fort Bragg stop

Eastin has prioritized education as the key to ensuring the long-term future of California. If elected, she wants to reinvest in K-12 education and higher education, making the California education system the envy of the country that it was in the 1950s.


Silicon Valley Community Foundation & Choose Children 2017

Delaine discusses the importance of early childhood education at an October 4th event hosted by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation as part of the Choose Children 2018 initiative.

Advancement Project California’s Birth to Five Water Cooler Conference

A transcript of Delaine's remarks at Advancement Project California’s Birth to Five Water Cooler conference on October 2, 2017.

As governor, Delaine Eastin would seek to improve education, housing, health care

As governor, Delaine Eastin,would focus on improving education, housing, health care and care of children of immigrants.


Obsessing over the truth and missing the point, again.

"I personally feel that Eastin deserves to be thanked for putting the spotlight on California’s overall lack of any commitment to making higher education work for all of the people of the state," - Daphne Macklin




Candidata a gobernadora suma apoyos de grupos femeninos

“Todos los candidatos están cualificados, pero ella no sólo lo está sino que tiene la perspectiva de la mujer, que será indispensable para resolver realmente este problema,” Angélica Ramos-Allen, Grupo Nacional de Mujeres Políticas en California.




The Time is Now: California Needs Its First Female Governor

Delaine Eastin’s visible presence in California’s highest office will send a daily message that California wants to ensure justice and equality to all of its citizens, and that the Governor will not just talk the talk, but walk the walk toward that vision.


California Voices: Why I’m Supporting Delaine Eastin

"She thinks big.  She believes — like I believe — that there isn’t anything that we can’t do in California." - Anthony Danna



It's time to build a better California