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News & Campaign Updates

News & Campaign Updates

California needs to elect more women, gubernatorial candidate Delaine Eastin says at UC Riverside

“I really do believe that one of the solutions to the great challenges of our cities, our counties, our school districts, our state, our nation, is to engage more women in politics.” - Delaine Eastin.

Delaine Interviewed on Capital Public Radio's Insight With Beth Ruyak

“California’s still the biggest state in the union – the sixth largest economy in the world – and yet, we’re doing tepid, timid, small things instead of really dreaming big dreams and doing the right things by kids, adults and seniors.” - Delaine Eastin


[video] California governor's race and the big issues

On October 24th in San Francisco, the San Francisco Chronicle moderated a debate moderated by Editorial Page Editor John Diaz. The link to the debate is below. 


Gubernatorial candidate reacts to sexual assault allegations at Capitol

The lone woman seeking the state's highest office said it's critical that more legislators accused of committing acts of sexual harassment and assault be outed.

"The fact that they are public officials means it's more important than ever to call them out and to change the behavior," said Delaine Eastin, Democratic gubernatorial candidate.












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Delaine Eastin recently claimed millennials "have only a 50-50 chance" of doing better financially than their parents, while those born in the 1940s had a 90 percent chance of doing better than their parents.

Her claim is supported by a 2016 Stanford study, "The Fading American Dream: Trends in Absolute Income Mobility since 1940."

We rate her claim True.


Delaine Eastin Issues a Call for Action on Sexual Harassment

“Eastin called for a full inquiry, an ombudsman, and stronger protections for whistleblowers to address issues. "Certainly, we ought not have the Rules Committee being the arbitrator of whether someone’s being abused,’’ she said. “There’s no incentive for them to shine the bright light on what is an unacceptably toxic environment for a lot of women in the Capitol.”

“Delaine was on it early,’’ Christine Pelosi, head of the California Democratic Party’s Women’s Caucus, tells POLITICO regarding the candidate’s support of #WeSaidEnough, the group of nearly 150 Capitol women who came forward to demand change.”

[video] NUHW Governor Candidate Forum

The National Union of Healthcare Workers hosted the first major forum featuring the four leading Democratic candidates for California governor Sunday, October 22, in Anaheim. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, State Treasurer John Chiang, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and former State Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin appeared together on stage for the first time to answer questions related to health care, worker and immigrant rights, and how California should respond to the Trump presidency.

The forum was be moderated by veteran network journalist John Donvan, host of Intelligence Squared, which airs on NPR stations throughout the country. Questioning the candidates were reporters Bob Butler of KCBS Radio, Jeff Horseman of the Southern California News Group, Melanie Mason of the Los Angeles Times and Maria Paula Ochoa of Telemundo.


California gubernatorial candidate Delaine Eastin speaks at UC Berkeley

“I thought tonight was very pointed,” Nason said. “It was not beating around the bush at all. I thought she did a really great job, and I’m happy how it went overall.”

Eastin said she has great faith in students. She added that it was her college years that got her involved in politics. She said she believes that UC Berkeley is one of the finest campuses in the world and if students do well here, it will “pay huge dividends.”

“I wanted to come tonight and say I’m with you — not only as students, but as future leaders of our state and society,” Eastin said.

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Get Big Money Out of California Politics


Caifornia Gubernatorial Candidate Delaine Eastin Visits UCSD

"Eastin is the first gubernatorial candidate this year to visit UC San Diego. Her expansive platform, which seems to draw significantly on her previous experience as California State Superintendent from 1995-2003, contains policies like developing comprehensive and updated long-range plans for the state, expanding access to education across the board, providing Californians a living wage, advocating for universal healthcare and expanding on climate change mitigation measures like cap-and-trade."


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Eastin laments inadequate school funding

Eastin said when she was elected as state school superintendent, California was in 47th place, but by the time she left office, it had climbed to number 27. She cited the fact that as state schools chief she sued then Gov. Pete Wilson and got $2.3 million back, which was then used to implement her class size reduction plan.

Eastin labels the failure to adequately fund California’s schools a “grave danger.” She quoted a recent research study, which maintained “The social cost of not providing quality care and health and welfare opportunities for young children results in a array of bad outcomes, including child abuse and neglect, high school dropouts, criminal activities, teen pregnancies, drug and alcohol abuse, and other health problems. These expensive social ills could be significantly diminished through investments in evidence-based, early childhood programs.”

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Urging women to make a difference

“Women make a difference when they’re in public policy,” Eastin said. She advocates running for local office and building up to higher office. It’s what she did.


A part-time teacher at La Canada and De Anza community colleges who was living in Union City, she drove “a thousand miles a week” getting to her jobs, she said, and volunteered to start women’s programs and women’s studies classes and wrote grant proposals. Just as she was about to be hired as full-time instructor at La Canada in 1978, Californians passed Proposition 13, school funding was soon to be cut and the offer was rescinded.

Eastin went into private industry, served on the Union City Planning Commission and ran for, and was elected to, the Union City City Council. “And I read everything,” she said. 

She ran and was elected to represent Union City and nearby communities in the state Assembly, serving from 1986-1994 before being elected state superintendent of public instruction, serving in that post from 1995-2004.

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Democratic candidate for governor Delaine Eastin says 'Dreamers' 'trusted us' with their lives

"Eastin has called for enhanced protections of all immigrants and has been a harsh critic of the Trump administration since jumping into the race last fall. Along with supporting the impeachment of the president, Eastin has blasted efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and said she favors establishing a single-payer health care program."

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Democratic Candidates Campaign In Twain Harte

"Her top priorities include education, as well as creating a new comprehensive water plan, placing a ban on fracking, and moving towards a single payer healthcare system. Grading the current Governor, Jerry Brown, she says, “I think Jerry has done a lot of good. I will give him high marks in terms of things like cap and trade, the environment, and responsible fiscal matters. 

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Democrats picnic and politic in Twain Harte

Before the election of President Donald Trump last November, some Democrats in Tuolumne County say they were afraid to admit their political affiliation given the area’s conservative leaning.


However, that no longer appears to be the case judging by the turnout of about 200 people Thursday evening at Eproson Park in Twain Harte for a picnic hosted by the Tuolumne County Democrats to hear from candidates for California governor and U.S. Congress in 2018. “What we’re trying to do is make people more comfortable to say they are a Democrat in this county,” said Deborah Baron, president of the Tuolumne County Democratic Club.“And show that we’re still here,” added Diane Bennett, secretary of the Tuolumne County Democratic Central Committee.

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LA Times Q&A with Delaine Eastin

"But the thing that is key to my life has been education. I had a wonderful life because I had a wonderful education. I think it’s the secret to economic development. I think it’s the secret to crime prevention. I think it’s the best welfare reform program you can have. So I want every kid to have the opportunity that this machinist’s daughter had."

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[audio] Delaine Eastin on The Joshua Nehmah Show

Interview with Delaine Eastin on The Joshua Nehmeh Show, June 19, 2017

Delaine Eastin says she has the 'brass backbone' required to govern California

"I don’t have to tell you our democracy is in trouble. This isn’t just Trump threatening us. It is a lack of participation in our civil society and a lack of faith in government.” Eastin said the key to holding the democracy together was for people such as the convention attendees to band together

Gubernatorial candidate Delaine Eastin at the California Democratic Party convention. (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)Gubernatorial candidate Delaine Eastin at the California Democratic Party convention. (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

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[audio] Delaine on KPCC's AirTalk with host Larry Mantle

Democrat Delaine Eastin is the only woman who's announced that she's vying for the gubernatorial seat.

But aside from that, Eastin is best known for her role as the former California superintendent of public instruction from 1995 to 2003. Since her departure from the role of superintendent, Eastin hasn't shied away from education. She's the chairwoman for the board of the nonprofit California school advocacy organization, Educate our State, and has publicly criticized lawmakers for not adding more preschool funding.

As reported by POLITICO, being out of office for more than a decade is just one challenge the Davis-based gubernatorial candidate and her team have been working to overcome. While education is a passion of Eastin's, she doesn't want to be seen as a one-issue candidate, and has been shedding light on her past transportation and environmental work as a former member of the state assembly. So what plans does Eastin have for California?

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Grassroots Governor? "Populist candidate gets a head start on 2018 rivals with campaign stop in Chico

"When I was superintendent, I went to all 58 counties; I visited schools in Chico more than once,” Eastin told the CN&R. “I’m a big believer that people shouldn’t just come to you, and you shouldn’t just talk to them in 30-second sound bites. You should go listen to them, hear what their concerns are, hear what their thoughts and ideas are."

PHOTO BY EVAN TUCHINSKY. Delaine Eastin, after her town-hall-style event at the Chico library, compared her grassroots campaigning to the Democratic presidential candidate who spoke at Chico State last year, saying: “I think I was Bernie before Bernie.”

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Delaine Eastin, candidate for governor, talks in Chico

"Eastin said California must do the “full-court press,” on housing. People in the Bay Area commute hours to jobs in towns where they can’t afford to live. Affordable housing can also lead to less congestion on roadways, she noted."

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If budgets are statements of our values, Trump’s are clear; what about California?

"Over the past 20 years, we have dramatically increased the percent of our budget invested in prisons and reduced the percent invested in new colleges and universities. Now we have students who are homeless because they cannot afford a place to live, and who graduate saddled with college debt for years. President Trump’s budget is a clear statement of his values. I do not believe it is reflective of what the majority of Californians believe. If budgets are statements of values, California must do better. We need a budget that puts children and families first."

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Delaine Eastin, the former state superintendent of public instruction and a candidate for governor, supports impeachment efforts. (File photo/Ron Burda)
State Schools Superintendent Delaine Eastin visits a Fremont school in 2006. /Photo by Ron Burda


[audio] Delaine on This Golden State with Randy Shandobil

"Candidate for California Governor, Delaine Eastin accuses Jerry Brown of taking “children’s piggy bank money” and calls President Trump “a thug” during an interview with This Golden State’s Randy Shandobil. While better known gubernatorial candidates focus on the economy, infrastructure and stalling the Trump agenda, Eastin, the former State Superintendent of Public Education is laser focused on schools, schools, schools."

Sacramento Bee: Article on First Gubernatorial Forum

“I’m going to fight for school, from preschool to graduate school,” she said. “All of our 58 counties are near the bottom in this country in per-pupil spending. That is wrong … and by God when I’m governor that’s going to be number one on the plate of every single person making policy in California. The children come first.”

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LA Times: Article on first Gubernatorial Forum

"Eastin, who serves on the board of the SIATech California Charter Schools, was clearly in her element, winning applause when she criticized state leaders for allowing California’s per pupil funding to slip to the bottom of the national average and for spending more on building prisons than on building colleges over the last 50 years."

From left to right, gubernatorial candidates Antonio Villaraigosa, Delaine Eastin and John Chiang speak at a candidate forum held by the California Charter Schools Assn. (Phil Willon / Los Angeles Times)From left to right, gubernatorial candidates Antonio Villaraigosa, Delaine Eastin and John Chiang speak at a candidate forum held by the California Charter Schools Assn. (Phil Willon / Los Angeles Times) 

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The Ukiah Journal: Delaine Eastin Talks Issues in Ukiah

"I’ll put my career and successes in a variety of fields up against anybody."

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The Davis Enterprise: Eastin Launches Gubernatorial Bid in Davis

“First and foremost, I’ll fight for children — from kindergarten through graduate school,” Eastin said as she addressed the group. “We’re going to put education together again.”Eastin, a Democrat, also stressed her service in the California Assembly and her status as a veteran public servant with decades of perspective and experience, saying, “I did a lot of work on government efficiency and consumer protection.”

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Delaine Eastin chats with Anne Lincoln, who hosted a campaign event Tuesday at her College Park home. Eastin, a Davis resident, said she will focus on education in her bid for governor. Fred Gladdis/Enterprise photo

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