On this 4th of July - Delaine Eastin for Governor – Let's Build a Better California
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On this 4th of July

On this 4th of July

This 4th of July we are reminded again of our fight to break from Great Britain and to become one nation...with liberty and justice for all. Since 1776 our country has had many assaults from within and without. Many of these assaults brought about changes that helped our country be better aligned with the aspirational values expressed in our constitution. Yet the assault we face from some within our government today is one of the most dangerous. With an unstable, prejudiced, egotist in the White House, we realize how much power is in the office of president, and it truly is up to us to preserve, protect and defend our country and the rule of law. 

All that said, while I continue to be alarmed by the actions of our President and many on his staff, and the complicity of Republicans in Congress, I am uplifted by the victories of progressive women and men in elections across our country since the 2016 election. These victories reaffirm that when we engage voters and give them optimism that they DO have a voice and that together we have the power to do better, those voters see that their vote makes a difference. When we make the case to potential voters to make the effort to engage and to vote, everything changes. That is our challenge.

Today most people I know are helping with political campaigns, and/or working on the frontlines to support our immigrants, to solve our homeless crisis, to protect the environment, to provide healthcare for all, to improve education. Many people I know, of all political persuasions, want to halt or significantly reduce the influence of the “leader” in the White House. We are making a difference. All this is happening as too many in Washington are working to dismantle or severely curtail the power of government to take proper and constructive initiatives, misusing taxpayer dollars AND attacking our values -- thus this multi-level response is critical.

This 4th of July I say thank you for making a difference. The solution to what ails us is engagement -- engagement even when it is hard, even when the outcome is not assured. When we saw last weekend’s nationwide protests to stop the inhumane separation of families and the attacks on our values, it was confirmed once again that we are not alone. 

We are the majority, and our work is to fight to have our compassionate, patriotic values represented at the ballot box and in our elected offices, to let freedom ring, as it has for more than 200 years. 

I hope you enjoy your celebrations wherever you are on this 4th of July,


It's time to build a better California