Thank you and the work continues

After many months spent campaigning to lead the California Democratic Party, we have learned that the unofficial end result was not what we had worked hard for. I want to thank my supporters for your unyielding support and your desire to build a better Party. 

My engagement with delegates around our state (though virtual) was not only eye opening, it was also inspiring. Many of you shared your concerns with me about instances of mismanagement by the Party, the lack of transparency and the dismissiveness from some in leadership. We must remain vigilant and speak the truth to support the California Democratic Party in becoming more responsive, respectful, transparent and progressive as it relates to human rights, environmental protection and healthcare for all.

I wish Rusty and the other new state Party officers good luck and I hope they are guided by the interests of ALL California Democrats. And to those officers whose term just ended, or whose race was not successful, I thank you for your service to the Party and for stepping up to lead.  

At a time of potentially great challenges for California Democrats, I ask all of you to support the California Democratic Party and to work to elect candidates who champion our interests and move our state forward.  Please help our Party to be more transparent and to remain true to its core values, as Republicans continue to support too many treasonous, dishonest, undemocratic figures like Donald Trump.

I hope you will stay in touch. I will continue to speak out and look forward to working together on the issues that matter.

In solidarity,