Meet up and march with Delaine's Supporters

Come out to the Women's March in your area and march with Delaine's supporters. If you want to organize supporters in your area, please email Jeremy Parkin here - it's easy AND fun :). 
Need more inspiration? Click here to watch our Women's March video for some inspiration!
Chico: Contact Robin Keehn (530) 899-7911; meet Downtown Plaza 10 am
Eureka: Alan McCloskey; look for his team near the front of the stage in Delaine t-shirts at C Street Market Square (1st & C Streets)
Fresno: Contact Cathy Brass; meet  corner of Fresno and Nees st. near the stage, NWPC table 9:30 am
Los Angeles: Contact Victor Garcia (818) 378-8658; meet Macy's Plaza 750 W 7th st, 8:30 am
Modesto: Contact Elisabeth Parco 209-567-2494; meet Candidate tabling area at 10 am
Oakland: Contact Katherine Welch 415-786-7663; meet anytime after 9am on lake side of 14th and Oak street
Riverside: Contact Jody Isenberg (909) 838-2803; meet across from the historic courthouse on Main Street at 10 am
Sacramento: Contact Jeremy Parkin 650-319-5132; meet corner of 8th and T street at 9:30 am
San Francisco: Contact Brandon Harami 415-481-5364; meet 7th and Market St at 10:30 am 
San Diego (Delaine marching here): Contact Alex Wyckoff 562-846-5590; meet 1600 Pacific Highway at 9:30 am
San Jose: Contact Margaret Okuzumi; meet Starbucks at 3rd and Santa Clara St at 9:30 am
Santa Cruz: organizing in process; currently Delaine supporters with SCCDC marchers visit this page for more info later or email here to get updates.