Words Matter

With each passing hour, we learn more and more about the coordinated and planned assault on our Capitol, our leaders and our democracy. 

The dwindling defenders of Trump and some Congressional Republicans say these insurrectionist leaders cannot be responsible for the actions of others. I believe we all must be responsible for the actions we take, as well as those we direct or encourage others to take. 

Leadership requires judgement. It pains me to have to admonish our current California Democratic Party (CDP) Chair, but yesterday’s press conference was an embarrassment that damaged the reputation of the CDP. If you missed it, here is one article, from the LA Times: Democrats face backlash for calling Newsom recall effort a 'California coup'.

CDP Chairman Rusty Hicks owes California Democrats an apology for using poor judgement with this irresponsible, reactive response that tarnishes our Democratic brand. 

By trying to draw a non-existent thread between the insurrection in DC and a potential gubernatorial recall effort (a legal form of dissent) here in California, Chairman Hicks and others politicized our nation’s tragedy while simultaneously hurting the Governor. 

His statement potentially bolsters the recall effort by drawing attention to it and piquing the interest of those who support the seditious acts in Washington. He demonstrated poor logic and the raw political opportunism that we at times attribute to the other side. 

As I said, words matter -- and so does integrity. So if we’re looking to draw comparisons, Mr. Hicks could start by admitting fault and apologizing for his poor decision-making and his choice of words at yesterday’s press conference, something Trump could never do.

We can, and we must, do better.